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Andre Krief, butcher of trade,
has been for 30 years the specialist in slaughter,
transformation and distribution of kosher meat

In 1997, it melts, in partnership with a subsidiary company of the Group CANA, the company ANDRE KACHER.

Thanks to this alliance, we have a perfect command of the whole of the die, from the breeding the finished products.

The mark ANDRE KRIEF offers, today, a very broad range of products authentic, traditional, elaborate rigorously in the respect of Kosher certification.

Thus, ANDRE KRIEF proposes a complete set of Kosher products to you of quality: Biological chickens, certified beef VBF, certified calf meats ISO 9002...

To choose Andre Krief
It is ensure to be ensured of satisfaction, it is to choose the Kasher reference.
64, rue des Roches - 93100 Montreuil
Tel.: 01 41 58 58 58          Fax : 01 41 58 58 55
Groupe CANA