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The Kosher signature

In Hebrew, Kosher means clean, good, satisfactory.

Food Kosher it is the food permitted and defined by the Jewish law.

The Kosher term thus corresponds to a product controlled by the representantt of the Law, which authorizes it with consumption.

The defined Law very precisely the food which can be certified Kosher. Are Kasher:

  • Products consumed in their natural state or state of harvest such as the fruits and vegetables
  • Meat products coming from ruminants having the split shoes (bovine, ovine, caprine) and cut down according to regulations' of the Law
  • Poultry (only of breeding), cut down according to same rules'.
  • Fish having fins and scales, and them only (the seafood, the shells and the shellfish are not authorized).

The Law also fixes food associations. Thus the meat products and dairy, same certified, cannot be prepared or consumed sets, one cannot mix them.

If for the simple products, in a natural state, the Kosher and easily identifiable and recognizable character, it is not the same processed products (dairy product, products of grocer, dishes prepared).
To be consumed, these products must thus be certified.

Kosher certification is a guarantee for the consumers, of specific characteristics, control of the raw materials, checking of manufacture, the transformation and conditioning.

This is why elaborate products
receive all the certification of the Great Rabbinate of Paris.